Adpack catacombs Friar Renau's niece, Marguerite, has disappeared inside the Catacombs. Many have disappeared along with her and so he and Archbishop Dryden are enlisting adventurers to find out why. Includes 8 hand-crafted dungeon adventures.


Named Item Item Type Enchantments
Blade of InquisitionWeapon +1 Longsword, Ghost Touch, Silver, Alchemical
Boots of FaithBootsJump +5
Cardinal's GlovesGlovesDiplomacy +5
Circlet of Silver FlameBracersProtection from Evil (CL:1, 3/rest)
Cloak of the AsylumCloakWill Save +2, Wisdom +1
Dagger of InquisitionWeapon+1 Dagger, Ghost Touch, Silver, Alcheimical
Eternal Wand of Cure Minor WoundsMiscExclusive, Cure Minor Wounds (CL:1, 50/rest) [Clerics only, UMD:15]
Eternal Wand of Magic MissileMiscExclusive, Magic Missile (CL:1, 50/rest) [Wiz or Sorc only, UMD:20]
Flamekeep DocentDocent+1 Docent, Command
Goggles of InquisitionGogglesIntimidate +5
GuidanceWeapon+2 Light Crossbow
Marguerite's NecklaceNecklaceFalse Life
Mask of the AsylumHelmetConcentration +5
Morningstar of the HereticWeapon+1 Morningstar, Doom (CL:1, 3/rest)
Pillar of LightWeapon+1 Quarterstaff, Pure Good, Searing Light (CL:5, 1/rest)
Ring of the ArchbishopRingPower II, Heal +3
Robe of DualityRobeFalse Life, Arcane Augmentation I [ML:2, BoA, BtA]
SanctuaryShield+1 Heavy Shield, Resistance +1
Templar's ChainArmor+2 Chainmail
Templar's LeatherArmor+2 Leather Armor
Templar's MailArmor+2 Banded Mail
Wooden Prayer BeadsTrinketBless (CL:1, 3/rest)

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