Named Item Item Type Enchantments Location
Aberrant RobeRobeSpell Resistance (17), Wizardry IIR'zzik's Chest
Chill ShardWeapon+2 Throwing Dagger, Frost, ReturningAkuul's Chest
Disc of EnhancementDocent+3 DocentBrunhilde Firegout's Chest
Grudgebearer's PlateArmor+2 Full Plate, CommandAdorgar the Grudgebearer's Chest
Mace of the WraithWeapon+2 Heavy Mace, Ghost TouchColvis Hammercrusher's Chest
Necklace of ContemplationNecklaceConcentration +5, False Life, To-Hit Bonus +1R'zzik's Chest
Scarf of WarmthNecklaceLesser Cold ResistanceOglethorpe the Prospector's Chest
Wraith's SkinArmor+1 Leather Armor, Move Silently +5, Hide +5Horus Hammercrusher's Chest
Xoriat Forged BladeWeapon+1 Longsword, Flaming, AnarchicSerruul's Chest