When creating a new character, the screen should change to a screen that portrays 3 big boxes; the first saying "Melee", second "Spellcaster", and the third "Specialist". After choosing one of these, click next and another screen should come up. Depending on your combat type chosen from last instruction; if you chose melee your class choices will be will be "Fighter, Barbarian, Paladin, and Monk". If you chose spellcaster your choices will be "Wizard, Cleric, Sorcerer, and Favored Soul". If you chose specialist your choices will be "Ranger, Rogue, and Bard". after choosing one of these classes you will get a choice to pick path #1, path #2, path #3, and customize. If you picked one of the paths that is not customize your character will automatically set all the skills and feats for you. *After this, you will then be able to change your avatars hair, skin color, eye color, facial detail, facial hair, hair, eyes, mouth, eyebrow, and nose. If you chose customize, a screen should pop up that allows you to put ability points into six attributes: Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Dexterity. Your default points you can assign is 28, but can be increased to 32 by the 32-point build from the DDO Store. Once you finish assigning your points, you will then put points into skills. having a higher intelligence increases the amount of skill points you get, while different classes have different base amounts of skill points. after putting skill points, you will choose your feat. Humans get a bonus feat at lvl 1 while some classes get a bonus feat. After this, you will customize you characters appearance (Refer to *). Pick your avatars name, alignment (Cannot be chaotic evil), and click create.