Stone of ChangeEdit

Alchemical Eldritch Ritual Attuned Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Enchantment
Alchemical Armor Eldritch RitualAny Attuned Armor15 Strings of Prayer Beads5 Vials of Pure Water+1 dodge bonus to AC
Alchemical Shield Eldritch Ritual Any Attuned Shield2 Tomes: Prophecies of Khyber6 Silver Flame Hymnals+1 dodge bonus to AC
Force Damage Ritual Any Attuned Weapon3 Luminescent Dusts9 Fragrant Drowshood mushrooms1 point of force damage on each successful hit
Force Critical Ritual Any Attuned Weapon6 Sparkling Dusts12 Deadly Feverblanch mushrooms1d4 points of force damage on each successful critical hit
Resistance Ritual Any Attuned Jewelry4 Lightning-Split Soarwoods22 Funerary Tokens+1 competence bonus to saves