A player or hireling becomes incapacitated when his or her Hit Points are between 0 and -9, inclusive. An incapacitated player is helpless and will die unless they are stabilized in short order.

Effects of IncapacitationEdit

An incapacitated player immediately falls prone and becomes helpless until they are no longer incapacitated. While helpless, a player can take no actions (aside from rotating in place) and all attacks made against a helpless character will automatically hit and crit. While incapacitated, characters will bleed until stabilized or dead. While bleeding, the character will suffer 1 damage every several seconds and will make a roll to stabilize at the same time. Note that no form of damage reduction or resistance will prevent this bleeding damage.

Like dead players, incapacitated players have the option to release their spirit and resurrect at their last spirit binder.

Ending IncapacitationEdit

If the incapacitated player suceeds a stabilization roll by rolling 10 or less on a d100, they will become stable. Stable characters will gain the Unconcious Regeneration buff after a short while of becoming stable, and will eventually rise to 1 HP and no longer be incapacitated.

Players with the Diehard feat become stable immediately on becoming incapacitated.

Another player may attempt a Heal skill check on an incapacitated character. A sucessful Heal check (DC 20 - target's current HP) will stabilize the target.

Any form of magical healing will immediately stabilize the target. Healing that raises a target to 1 HP or higher will remove incapacitation immediately.