The entrance to this level 2 dungeon is at the bottom of the steps near the training area in the Harbor. Th quest is bestowed in the Leaky Dinghy Tavern. There is some easy swimming involved, but no diving is necessary. The toughest monsters are the canine constructs. They have an annoying special attack of spewing oil so you have to save vs knockdown. The quest objectives list that you only have to kill 2 of these, but there are more than 2 in the dungeon. The other 'monsters' are human smugglers. After killing the first set of bad guys you will have to find the hidden switch to open the entrance to the smugglers lair. After exploring you will encounter a smuggler and then some more constructs. Keep following him. You will eventually come to a wet area with a ladder leading up in the center and 2 corridors, 1 leading east & the other west. You will have to open the iron gates at the west end. Locate 2 valves to do this. Behind one of these gates you will find a valve that opens a door elsewhere in the dungeon. When you go up the ladder in the center you will eventually come to a corridor that dead ends in a secret door. Behind this door will be the final battle, including a stronger than normal canine construct. The entrance says long, but without hurrying it can be completed in about 10 to 20 minutes. Elite gives you about 1500 XP's.