Anti-grouping warning: DDO did not make a seperate beginner's area where they keep the new people away from the seasoned veterans. To do this DDO made players that complete various content ungroupable with new players.

  • Sunny side vs snowy side: Completion of Misery Peak dungeon on Korthos Island (past the gate and south) will cause Korthos Village to lose the snow and ice. You are now a 'sunny side' Korthos Villager and cannot group with anyone that has not completed Misery Peak. Also, at about rank 11, regardless of level, if you enter Korthos Island and come back out, you will be in Sunny side Korthos Village for no apparent reason. One way to return to Sunny side is to enter a Korthos Village Dungeon and die. When you return to the grave yard, it will be ice/snowy side again until you enter any building, gate, or leave and return.
  • Visiting Stormreach: Anyone sunny or icy that visits Stormreach cannot group with any other player that hasn't visited Stormreach.

This creates four separate groups of confused new people unable to group with each other that the game won't tell you about. People cannot invite you and it tells them only that they are on a different part of the storline. Some people don't even know that they have moved on or any of their status has changed, and think you are being rude:

  • New people (the largest amount 60%) can't group with sunny, stormreach, or sunny stormreach people
  • Stormreach visitors (10% of the new people) can't group with new ice people, sunny side, or stormreach sunny side people
  • Sunny side (5%) can't group with new ice people, Stormreach visitors, or stormreach icy new people
  • Stormreach visitors sunny side visitors (25%) that have both visited stormreach and completed misery peak

The reason the population percentage of Stormreach visitors that are on the sunnyside is so low is because a lot of people give up and simply want to leave Korthos before something else bad happens besides the fact that it is extremely difficult to find a group for low level quests that give next to nothing for experience or money.

Perhaps even figuring this out on your own should be considered GM favor reputation and might give the player a badge for dealing with developers.