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Welcome to Korthos

Abandon duplicate quest bug:

  • Completed quests show (complete) by their name
  • You can share a completed quest
  • You cannot use a completed quest to re-enter a dungeon
  • Obtaining a quest already completed from a quest giver allows you to re-enter a dungeon exept starts the bug:
    • Removes (completed) from the completed quest name in the quest log (computer acknowldges you've never done the quest before, but progress variable is saved)
    • If people decide to not do it after all, abandoning a duplicate quest removes all your progress (computer gives you a warning, progress variable is cleared)
    • (complete) will not show up by it's name
    • It will not be in your quest log; It's gone
    • You now must do solo, normal, hard, and elite all over again to get the (complete) name back into your quest log

Quest Rewards:

While often rewards for completing a quest are ~97% always fixed, it is possible to obtain 'other than normal' loot. Example: Bringing the Light is a very fast quest. Repeating it 6 times, running up to the bar and back down each time, I once received the level 4-8 leveling sigil when I turned in a quest as one of two different reward options. This is sold on the DDO store, so I was super happy!

Quest rewards are either equipment, leveling sigils, wands, scrolls, potions, or special items. Some quests only give you gold in the amounts 20 or 45.