Redfang the Unruled is a level 3 free-to-play quest in the Marketplace. The objective of the quest is to slay Redfang, a magically-enhanced spider that the quest-giver lost control of.


748 base XP on normal difficulty.

Up to +1 loot on normal difficulty.

4 rare-spawn bosses: Venom, a Brown Spider, Vyragon, a troll, Bile, a Monstrous Scorpion, and ???, a Black Widow. Venom, Bile, and the Black Widow drops a body part which may be turned in to the quest giver for potions of level 2 spells.

Chests contain up to +1 loot.

1 secret door just outside the room containing Redfang.

Speed run time: 8 minutes.


Glass Spider egg sacs are scattered throughout this dungeon. They can hatch into baby glass spiders if left undisturbed, or will explode with Constitution Poison if touched.

This dungeon contains very many traps.

This dungeon contains extremely long falls.