Named Item Item Type Enchantments Location
Cloak of SilenceCloakMove Silently +5Drow Chest
Cloak of Troll's ResistanceCloakLesser Cold Resistance, Lesser Lightning Resistance, Lesser Sonic ResistanceGeeblebrox's Chest
Drow Hunter's ArmorArmor+4 Studded Leather ArmorDrow Chest
FlamedaggerWeapon+1 Dagger, Flaming, Burning Hands (3/rest)Harblimar's Chest
Gargoyle Granite PlateArmor+1 Full Plate, DR 2/-Gargoyles Rest Chest
Maul of MightWeapon+2 Maul, ForceGribblecrux's Chest
Poison-Tipped CrossbowWeapon+3 Light Crossbow, PoisonKer'Xxan T'Korcha's Chest
Restorative GlovesGlovesHeal +5, Repair +3Reeksun Bloodcraver's Chest
Ring of Troll's RegenerationRingArmor Bonus +2, Regeneration [Binds]Geeblebrox's Chest
Savage SwordWeapon+1 Bastard Sword, EnfeeblingSavage Tooth's Chest
Scorpion Tail ShortbowWeapon+2 Shortbow, PoisonRavenous Chest
T'korcha Family ScimitarWeapon+3 Scimitar, KeenDrow Chest
Twig of the Giant MageWeapon+1 Quarterstaff, Spell Resistance (15)Tor'Ghan Chest