Rest Shrine are a type of interactable object that can be found scattered throughout most quests and combat areas, usually in close proximity to a Resurrection Shrines.

Effects of a Rest ShrineEdit

Rest Shrines can be activated by any living player or hireling. Doing so restores that character an amount of HP based on his or her Heal skill, to full SP, and replenishes any of the character's "clickies". Using a Rest Shrine prevent the same character from using the shrine again in the near future. In Solo difficulty quests, or in a Combat Area, Rest Shrines may be reused again 5 minutes after the previous use, and in Normal quests, they may be used again after 15 minutes. In quests on other difficulties, Rest Shrines may only be used once per character per instance reset.

How to use a Rest ShrineEdit

Players, simply walk your up to the shrine and left-click. For hirelings, the hireling's master must also travel to the shrine and then order the hireling to interact with it. In more difficult dungeons, it may be best to pass a Rest Shrine without using it if you do not currently needits effects badly; you may wish you had the option of backtracking to an unused rest shrine later!