Zone Korthos Island
NPC Gunnar Bauerson
Base XP
Base Favor
F2P? Yes
Adventure Pack


Upon leaving Korthos Village, you will find Gunnar Bauerson standing on a rock down the path a bit. He will offer you the quest Stopping the Sahuagin. Once accepting the quest, you can either follow the trail down to the water below, or jump off the cliff.

Monsters Found HereEdit

  • Sahuagin Warrior
  • Sahuagin Adept
  • Sahuagin Whelp
  • Young Ice Mephit

Named MonstersEdit

  • Kraak


Choose one of the following:

  • Battered Helm
  • Engraved Circlet
  • Straw Hat
  • Tattered Cowl

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Right before you go into the dungeon, you will get jumped by three Sahuagin
  • When coming to the split, the left path has a trap and the right path will close the door upon the entry of the first person in the party. There are two monsters to be killed before the doors will open again.
  • Upon entering the room with the frozen floor, there are two valves to be turned, one to the left and one to the right, both behind some crates with monsters guarding them.
  • To the left of the spewing dragon mouth in the frozen floor room is an archway that will lead you to a room where you will find a door to close to block the freezing mist, and a gong to ring twice to break the floor.
  • After breaking the floor and climbing down the ladders, you will find two leavers to pull on the left and right. After pulling them, you must swim under water to progress.
  • When fighting Kraak, draw him away from the freezing traps as he will run back into them and if you follow, you will take extensive damage.
  • You can disable the freezing traps by turning the puzzle pieces to break the glowing power line going to them.


Video Walk ThruEdit