Zone Korthos Village
NPC Sigmund Bauerson
Base XP
Base Favor
F2P? Yes
Adventure Pack


After finishing all the quests initially available in Korthos Village, you will need to talk to the guard by the gate. He will refuse to let you leave without earning the trust of his father, the barkeep in the tavern. The Collaborator quest is the first quest that will be given to you by the barkeep to earn his trust. The quest takes place right there in the bar.

You will need to kill several waves of Sahuagin, so be prepared with potions or a party. If you are a solo player, it is suggested to bring a long a hirling.

Once completed, this quest opens another from Sigmund's daughter, Vintage Old Sully's Grog.

Monsters Found HereEdit

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Tips and TricksEdit

  • Check behind the bar for a box of helpful items
  • The monsters come in waves from the front door, back of the inn and Cellar door
  • Once entering the cellar on the second part of the quest, you will find a rest shrine